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Compliant Lending, Collection, Repossession and Remarketing Needs

CU-Solutions offers credit unions expertise in compliant lending, collections, repossession and remarketing practices. We guide you on what the red flags are before you make a collateralized loan. We train collection personnel on effective collection tactics that remain within CFPB guidelines. We take the burden out of vetting compliant repossession agencies. Your collateral will be remarketed, yielding highest possible returns. We are not in the business of auto repair for profit. If a vehicle needs to be repaired to enhance value, we would only recommend it if it increased the value by no less the twice the amount of the repair. We will insure that your deficiency balance is protected with complete documentation of a commercially reasonable sale.

CU-Solutions offers a national forwarding service, or we will give you our best recommendation on who to use in a specific location, should you choose to assign the account yourself. Our management team has no less than 25 years' of experience forwarding repossession assignments nationwide and beyond, for some of the largest lenders in the country. Our focus is on using our experience to service credit union lenders.

Our management has personal relationships with the finest, largest, and the most competent repossession agencies in the country. We know how to recover your collateral more efficiently and effectively than any of the major national forwarders. All statements made can be backed up, and proven as fact.

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